Joyce Meyer Ministries Denies Responsibility in Former Employee’s Deaths of Family

Image: Christian Post

Joyce Meyer Ministries denies itself of the accountability to former employee’s murder of family through defense of a legal representative, Mike King. Ex-ministry’s bodyguard Christopher Coleman planned a six-month plot, sent death threats to his own family and created a persona of “deranged phantom killer” with his unstable condition. In 2009, Coleman’s wife and two children were found dead in their residence. Later, he was convicted of first-degree murder as reported by Christian Post.

“Joyce Meyer Ministries is countering that argument however, by suggesting that even if the ministry was fully aware of Coleman’s unstable state and had removed him from his position, the outcome still would have been the same. ”If we fired him and he went home and killed his wife and children, we’d be here right now,” King said.”

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Source: Christian Post

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