Domenic Johansson to be Reunited with Family Atlast!

Domenic Johansson’s case will end up in a good note after all. Talks of reunion with parents are underway since the courts have sided with parents, Christer and Anne, as the unanimous and extensive testimonies given by friends and family spoke of their goodness and love for the child. Domenic was forcibly taken from his parents in 2009 by Swedish government officials saying that his parents were unfit for homeschooling him.

“Social services has been evil, to put it in one word,” Roger Kiska of Alliance Defense Fund  tells OneNewsNow. “The state moved to finally terminate the parental rights of the Johanssons, which would have ended the case and they would not have had an option to take their child back — [but] thankfully, there was a great opinion from the judge which sided with the Johanssons.”

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