Why the Church is Losing its Young People

Photo credit: Adventist Edge

David Kinnaman, author of “You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are leaving Church” and “Rethinking” discusses in his new book the reasons why young people leave the church. Kinnaman’s research shows children leave because discouragement, lack of interest of other adults, isolation and unanswered questions of faith. Kinnaman says children leave because the church doesn’t understand their needs and concerns and lacks guidance.

“And what do we do about those younger teens who haven’t yet reached that point where so many drop out? Kinnaman says that we adults need to form one-on-one relationships with them, instead of trying to mass-produce young believers. He writes, “I think we are constantly building, tearing down, and rebuilding our youth and young adult development regimens based on the fallacy that more is better…We need new ways of measuring success.”

Source: Christian Post

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