Another suit filed against ObamaCare’s contraceptive mandate

The Alliance Defense Fund has filed a lawsuit over an ObamaCare mandate that requires Christian insurance companies to provide free birth control, the morning-after pill and sterilization.


The suit involves Hercules Industries, a family-owned Denver insurance company, which would have to include the contraceptive services, including abortifacients despite it violating the family’s religious beliefs. Obama’s rule would require the controversial coverage to begin when they renew their self-insured plans at the first of November.

“’The government shouldn’t punish people of faith for making decisions in accordance with their faith,’ contends ADF attorney Matt Bowman. ‘Every American should know that a government with the power to punish people for their faith can do that, and worse, to everyone. The abortion pill mandate unconstitutionally coerces the leadership of Hercules Industries to violate their religious beliefs and consciences under the threat of heavy fines and penalties.’”

When the mandate first came out, President Obama appearing with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, suggested that churches should be grateful that they were graciously allowing them an exemption from the requirement to provide contraceptive services.


However, the actual exemption only applied to churches. It did not apply to institutions run by churches such as Christian universities or Catholic hospitals. Moreover, even in the case of churches, the exemption was more of a sleight-of-hand.


Rather than mandate churches pay for the coverage, they simply shifted the burden onto the backs of the medical insurance companies mandating that they would have to provide contraceptive services as part of their basic package of services. In other words, everyone would be paying for these services, it would no longer be available as an “add-on.”

However, there was no type of religious exemption for Christian employers who share the same beliefs as the Catholic Church regarding contraceptives.

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